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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Family Guy News

The 'News' posts will consist of the upcoming and recent episodes, as well as video previews and other up-to-date information.

Upcoming New Episodes
'Tiegs for Two' which airs April 10th on FOX. Brian enlists Quagmires help to find love, but things go downhill when they begin to compete for their ex's. Meanwhile, Peter becomes angry when the local dry cleaner looses his shirt. It's the 14th Episode for the 9th Season.

'Brothers and Sisters' which airs April 17th on FOX. When Lois' sister marries Adam West, they move into the Griffin household to be one big happy family. However not everyone is fond of the idea. It's the 15th Episode for the 9th Season.

'Its a Trap', the Third installment of the Star Wars series, is said to premier on Television sometime during the 9th Season.

Recent Episodes
'Trading Places' which aired 20th March on FOX.
Peter and Lois trade places with Meg and Chris to prove how hard it is to live their life.

'The hand the rocks the Wheelchair' which aired on 6th March on FOX.
Meg falls in Love with Joe and Stewie comes to realise that he was not as evil as he used to be and makes an evil clone of himself.


  1. Family guy is my favourtite program

  2. ahh love the family guy star wars.. except for pedo man singing in blue harvest. can't stand that haha

  3. Trading Places was really good, I hate how people say the new episodes arent as good as the old ones, if anything theyre better. German Guy was brilliant, apart from the overly long fight scene. I cant wait for the next episode.

  4. Wow. It's like you can see into the future.

  5. i look forward to seeing the new episode

  6. wait is it's a trap a movie or an episode?